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        April 27th 12:30-4:30pm

          May  4th   12:30-4:30p

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There is a very unique statistic we have found among marriages in the Great Commission Churches Movement. While the divorce rate seen in our society hovers around 50% and unfortunately, within the church, it is not much better, GCC marriages have a divorce rate of 2.5%–Why is that?

rBecause they believe marriage is a sacred institution and that it is a primary target of the enemy, many of these couples take the time out of their schedules to  purposely work on their  marriages.  One of the common threads of these relationships is they invest in their marriage. One of the ways they do this is by attending marriage conferences. 


Whether they are sponsored by their local church or held at a larger event, they have come to realize that just as an engine in a car needs to be tuned in order to run at its optimum, so does a marriage.

That’s why we are excited to be hosting “The Art of Marriage” – A two-session marriage seminar designed to give you a solid tune-up for your marriage. We challenge you, whether your marriage is sailing or perhaps taking on some water, that you invest wisely by joining others who are intent on protecting the union that God has brought together, you and your spouse… “What therefore God has joined together, let no man separate.” (Mark 10:9)

A cautionary note: Something we have observed....

The couples who usually attend marriage conferences are often those couples whose marriages are doing well. They understand that marriages take work and are willing to invest their time to continually improve it. On the other hand, all too often, those marriages that are in need of a boost, a tune-up or even a major overhaul-often stay home.

.. to use a metaphor: “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.”

Make a decision whether you’re engaged, your marriage is brand new, or your marriage is a little more seasoned, to spend a weekend together.