10995442_10205138482479389_3343433237621210118_o (2)        8064_3650164731139_1643840814_n-Copy-2-Copy         Thailand-Trek-266x300        Join Us on Sundays!                Meet our Pastor, Fritz Merkes                  June 15-18    6p- 8:30p     
         Worship Celebrations                           and his wife, Claire                           (click on picture for online      
  9:45am Traditional Worship                                                                                   registration)
     11:00am Contemporary Praise                                                                                    

 8:45am Adult Sunday School                                                                    ********************img_pd_110145_ep2e9o

 12:15p Kids Praise Team Practice                                                                                                 

           Monthly Luncheons  
         Community Church                                       
   339 Meyer Ave at Burkhardt
     Riverside, OH   45431


    Need help finding us?                                   
(see who and Where We are”)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         OVERCOMER’S WORSHIP                                                                                                                                                               Sundays  at 6:30p                                                                                                                               Casual worship with a 12- step flavoring                                                                                                                                 AWESOME SNACKS!

Welcome to Community Church!

Located in Riverside adjacent to East Dayton, Community Church is conveniently located just minutes from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Wright State University, the University of Dayton, and the communities of Beavercreek and Kettering

Come and experience this wonderful community of faith.

Join us for worship and connect this Sunday.

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8:45am Adult Sunday School

Worship Celebrations

9:45am Traditional Worship

11:00am Contemporary Praise

Our aim at all our services is to get in God’s flow and, allow God to fill us with exactly what we need in our life and faith journeys


Need help finding us?

Community Church

339 Meyer Ave at Burkhardt

Riverside, OH   45431



Directions:  From K-Mart on Woodman Dr., west on Burkhardt

Ave., about half a mile on your right.


When you arrive…

Please enter the building through the glass double doors under the drive-through overhang that faces the parking lot. A Greeter will welcome and direct you to the worship area. Please  stay a little after worship to enjoy refreshments and conversation in the fellowship hall.          



KICS (kids in Christ’s Service)A Worship Experience for Children

At Community Church we believe that children are the future of our faith. Special effort is made to welcome, love and teach children that God loves them unconditionally.Children ages 3 and over are invited to attend KICS,  a worship experience designed for kids. The children will sing songs, learn about their loving God, and will create something beautiful related to the biblical lesson. Your children are invited to come forward   (if they wish) during the worship service and are  dismissed with Miss Caillin.

Children ages 3 and under are invited to join you in the worship service or are welcome to stay in our  nursery during the worship hour. Our nursery is staffed by Safe-Sanctuary trained (background checked) caring individuals.

Sunday Evenings: Overcomers Worship

You are invited to attend Sunday evening Group. For anyone who struggles to overcome those things in your life that keep you from your relationship with God.  God centered and great snacks! 







Love One Another Quote from John

                          monkimage          whiz_kids1361820082

                         Starts June 7th and lasts 3 weeks.                         New After School Tutoring program                                                                     Considering marriage?  Married and                     Starting in September 2015. More information
                          wanting more for your relationship?                    to come.  Mad River Schools     










                     A Word from Pastor Fritz Merkes

umc-logo7 (2)

A PEOPLE: Look at our logo. Notice what is at the center: the Cross of our Risen Lord. Without the Cross at our center, we are just a crowd with a religious name.

A PEOPLE OF GRACE: The Cross is much bigger than the individuals in the logo. Our Great and Mighty Lord Jesus converts self-righteous sinners into saints who are overcoming sins. How does He do this? It is by His Cross and grace, unearned and undeserved by us (Ephesians 2: 1-10)

A PEOPLE OF GRACE UNITED: Imagine the people in the logo gazing upon this Cross. Our Risen Lord Jesus transforms a crowd into a community.


Finally, picture this community of saints joining hands and facing forward. Our Risen Lord turns a community outward to see and flow into the people in their immediate lives and surrounding area. He forms a community into a team called Community Church!


Please look again at the people in the logo. What do they see through the clear windows of our Community Church sanctuary?

We see the children in our playground, under the basketball hoop, on the streets in front, and within the surrounding yards and houses. We wake-up to their brokenness. We realize that most do not know the Lord. Those who attend Church are usually so miss and hit that they are confused about our Lord. Also, most of them will not “start church” even if they ever get married, even in a church. Few will not come to church when they have kids.

Again, consider the people of the logo. What do they observe in our halls and sanctuary? They notice that we have so few children. So, where is our Risen Lord amidst all of this? He’s out there with the children, spurring His Body to see and care, beckoning His Team to join Him in His work!

So, will you go?


Experiencing God!


Each week we will read certain sections of the Gospel, and go through the accompanying reflection sheet.  See the Lenten sermon schedule above for the schedule reading.


…through GROUPS & CLASSES in February:      


        [ ]  LENTEN STUDY:  Growing to be like Christ: Six Sessions on Discipleship. Sundays at 9:15am,

beginning 2/10. Spiritual maturity doesn’t happen by accident. The six sessions in this study equip you for the basic habits of spiritual growth: relying on the Holy Spirit, cultivating time in the Bible and prayer, seeing life’s obstacles as opportunities for growth and partnering with Christians who are committed to supporting your growth. Here is a realistic, practical path to growing strong in faith and Christian character.

     [ ]  Bible Study on the Gospel of Matthew.  Starts Tuesday 2/5 at 9:30 in the library.  Facilitator:  Deb Rogerson.  Please come for Bible study!  We are delving into the Gospel of Matthew!  It’s not formal or stuffy.  You don’t have to know the Bible to come.  We’re all learning as we go!   “You will seek Me and find Me, if you seek Me with all your heart.”  (Jer 29:13)  Come, let’s seek the Lord together!


     [ ]  Women Especially (Sunday  9:15 in the library ).  (WE for short!) is for all women ages 18 – 100. We are currently studying “The Power of Knowing God” by Kay Arthur, a study that is showing us, simply by carefully observing the Bible, that we can know God as He really is and have the ability to stand firm in faith. Join us on Sunday at 9 AM for coffee, conversation and an engaging and informative Bible Lesson.



A vibrant retreat for personal renewal and the revival of our church.  Rachel Huffman and Deb Rogerson went this past fall.  Steve Hike and Rex Musick participated in January.  Carolyn Lewis, Donna Willis, and Helen Hoke will go on the Walk To Emmaus retreat February 14-17.  Then, in March, Betty Leach, an Emmaus veteran whose son Dennis is very active in these retreats, will express the importance of these retreats to the United Methodist Women’s combined meeting, 3/18.  So, when will you go?  Age is not a factor.  A men’s and women’s retreat are being planned for this summer, and a women’s retreat this fall, September 18-22.  For information, see or call Pastor Fritz (723-9125),


An OUTSTANDING, Guy-Friendly Marriage Retreat


Claire and I have attended the Weekend to Remember in Toledo, Cleveland, Akron, and Kalamazoo.  Obviously, we have received much from them.  They are also great preparation for engaged couples.  The official description says it well:


What you and your spouse will hear during the Weekend to Remember® is the result of more than three decades of biblical research by a team of men and women who distilled what it takes to have a successful marriage and family.  Our speakers will show you exactly how to pursue a marriage that really works through stories of their own breakthroughs and blunders.  We want you to leave the weekend with encouragement, hope, and practical tools to build and grow your relationship.  That’s why we call this a Weekend to Remember.  Check it out at www.familylife.com


>>A Friday evening through early Sunday afternoon.  You and our church cannot afford for you not to go!  …and we can get a significant discount. 


 DAYTON:  March 1-3.  CINCINNATI :  March 8-10.  AKRON:  March 22-24.  TOLEDO May 17-19.  Call Fritz or Claire for information (723-9125)